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Cisco UCS Mini

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Project Description

Solution Brief

With Cisco UCS Mini, the Cisco Unified
Computing System™ (Cisco UCS), originally
designed for the data center, is now optimized
for smaller IT environments, remote-office
and branch-office (ROBO) environments,
and point-of-sale systems. Cisco UCS Mini
delivers servers, storage, and 10 Gigabit
networking in an easy-to-deploy, compact
form factor.

Expandable to 20 servers, Cisco
UCS Mini provides a scalable solution with the
proven management simplicity of the awardwinning
Cisco UCS Manager. If you have more
than one site, you can use Cisco UCS Central
Software for multisite remote management,
helping ensure server consistency across
every site; you can update 100 sites as easy
as you can update one site.

Front Visual

Compact Proven Reliability

UCS Service Profiles = Configuration Portability
UCS Blades Deploy 77% Faster with 67% Fewer Steps
UCS Configuration

Making Your IT Infrastructure Simpler

The IT needs of business come in all sizes, just as companies come
in all sizes. In a 2012 survey1 of small and medium-sized businesses
(SMBs), 72 percent of respondents said that “IT vendors should simplify
technology…” Cisco has done just that with Cisco UCS. Originally
designed for the data center, Cisco UCS unites computing, network,
storage access, and management into a single cohesive system – a
radical simplification compared to traditional, existing systems.
Now companies of any size can reap the benefits of Cisco UCS with
Cisco UCS Mini: a solution for deployments of 2 to 20 servers. Cisco UCS
Mini simplifies Cisco UCS even further by moving the fabric interconnect
inside the chassis, reducing power and cooling needs, and shrinking the
solution footprint.
Another challenge for any business is keeping up with the upgrades and
maintenance needed to keep servers running at peak efficiency. Cisco
UCS helps simplify the maintenance process by providing a one-click
upgrade for the infrastructure and servers. For remote offices, those tasks
can be managed from Cisco UCS Central Software. This capability helps
reduce the costs associated with IT.

The Benefits

Compared to traditional rackmount
deployments, Cisco UCS®
Mini provides:

  • Up to 29 percent savings in CapEx
  • Up to 34 percent lower power consumption
  • Average 77% Reduction in Cabling for 73% Cost Savings
  • Average 83% Reduction in Provisioning Times*
  • Lighting fast deployments with hardware templates
  • Average 66% Reduction of Ongoing Management Costs*
  • Single Pain of Glass Management built-in
  • 24 x 7 x 4hrs first class Cisco support

Loughborough University Case Example

“When we compared the legacy server and network with one based on Cisco UCS, TCO effectively halves over a five-year investment lifecycle.”
Dr. Phil Richards
Director of IT, Loughborough University

5-Year TCO

48% overall savings
$18,542 5-year per node overall savings

Savings Breakdown

Server hardware and warranty – 38%
Switch hardware and warranty, cabling – 80%
Power and cooling – 49%
Inital provisioning and ongoing server
and networking administration
– 79%
Virtualization software licenses
and warranty
– 39%
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Small and Medium Sized Businesses

SMBs typically need fewer servers than large businesses. Many have few or no full-time IT staff members. With Cisco UCS Mini, SMBs can have an easy-to-manage solution that can grow with them as their business grows. Because Cisco UCS Mini is so easy to manage, you can spend more time running your business and less time worrying about maintenance and upgrades. Cisco UCS Manager helps make arcane processes mundane. If a server fails, all the configuration and identity information simply gets associated with the new server, and your system can be back up in minutes instead of hours or days.

Remote and Branch Offices / Retail

Like SMBs, many remote and branch offices lack local IT staff. For these locations, the remote management features of Cisco UCS Mini are especially valuable. If a user reports a problem, there’s no need to send a technician onsite to perform the initial troubleshooting. Cisco UCS Manager can be remotely accessed from any computer on the network, saving time and budget and providing faster resolution that keeps users satisfied. With Cisco UCS Central Software added to the solution, managing 100 locations can be as easy as managing one. Using global policies that apply to all locations, Cisco UCS Central Software keeps all instances of Cisco UCS Mini up-to-date, consistent, and compliant with your company’s polices.

Data Center

Sometimes compliance requires physical hardware separation. For example, companies that want to outsource their server needs may not want their server equipment located in the same domain as another company’s servers. Other companies may be very risk adverse and require very small failure domains. With Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco UCS Central Software, maintaining smaller domains of 2 to 15 servers is no longer a management challenge.