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Unlimited Cloud Backup

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Project Description

Security and Reliability Keep Your Data Safe With Cloud Vault

Businesses need to trust that their data is in safe hands.  Cloud Vault powered by the ECHOplatform leverages leading technology to ensure data is stored securely and reliably, and that you can quickly retrieve data when you need it. That’s part of the reason why Cloud Vault enjoys an availability rating of 99.999 percent, and lauded for a commitment to security.

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We offer Unlimited Backup Space for a low monthly flat fee per site for 100 devices.

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Let us handle backup while you
focus on growing your business.

Cloud Vault ECHOplatform includes a purpose-built, image-based backup solution that enables server-level protection for applications served by physical machines. Rapid Recovery for imaging lets you and your clients restore operations from local storage within minutes.

We protect physical and virtual
data in the cloud and locally.

With Bare Metal Restore – a standard feature on the Cloud Vault ECHOplatform – the days of “rebuild, restore, and reboot” are over. You and your clients can streamline server recoveries, virtually eliminate configuration errors, and simplify P2P and P2V recoveries.

Our advanced security features
are designed to protect data.

Businesses of all sizes rely on server virtualization to maximize efficiency and operational agility. To safeguard against floods, fires, and other site-wide outages, Cloud vault enables you to spin up in the cloud and run VMware vSphere application workloads in the cloud until remediation or relocation is complete.

We make it easy to adhere to compliance rules.

Cloud Vault offers a native VMware backup solution as part of the Cloud Vault ECHOplatform that allows you to protect virtual machines using the same, centrally-managed platform you use to back up all the rest of your data.

Immediate Availability with QuickSpin

Speed QuickSpin leverages Cloud Vaults’ Intelliblox technology to enable backup intervals as frequently as every 15 minutes, by breaking VM data into blocks and intelligently uploading only those that have been modified since the most recent backup. Faster backups and restores limit downtime in the event of VM data loss.

Speed and Flexibility

Number of companies bankrupt after data loss in 2 years – PricewaterhouseCoopers
Companies fail to test their media backup
Found media backup failures
Hard Drive Crashes per week in US


We use state-of-the-art file servers in SSAE-16-certified, redundant data centers thousands of miles apart to ensure your data is safe, secure and quickly recoverable. In the unlikely event one center goes off line, the other takes over. The centers are secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant Internet connections.

Is your data really safe from Hackers and Cryptolocker?


When recovering data, you expect it to be usable – not just there somewhere. We ensure that happens through our continuous data center quality checks. Our Safe Catalog Process verifies the file catalogs we upload are valid and reliable. Integrity Checkers scan for data corruption and, in the rare case of corruption in one data center, replaces the affected files with clean versions from the other center. This protects you from the malicious cyber-attacks targeting businesses and consumers.